you + we

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It's been seven years since the launch of and two years since updating. Sometimes it takes the longest time to say the simplest thing: Neither Fish Nor Fowl is now a brand, and a shop. It will be as good as you and I can make it. It will remain small and independent. It will not cut corners, or compromise on workmanship and, while that may sound earnest, it will also be a pocketful of happiness. I'll keep documenting my personal and commissioned work over at, and would love to work with you, if you'd like to make the world a little better each day, with drawings of friendly people, places and things.

If you're a like-minded maker, or a friend of indie businesses, then we have a great future together. If you're a big corporate behemoth, well, hopefully you've come here to enjoy smallness, not to fish for ideas. Please keep in mind that the "inspiration" that occasionally becomes your next project is our lifeblood, and we'd love to have the opportunity to stick around and make more stuff. 

Having said that, we sincerely welcome wholesale inquiries, collaborations, chats about the state of things, and any interaction that brings something new, well-made and interesting into the world.

xoxo, NFNF